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The home of the original Hushpower© range of moderated shotgun systems, (beware of the cloned models on the marke


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*New* Hushpower 12g Choke Moderator (for multichokes)

12g Detachable Hushpower© Choke Moderator £180.00
Suitable extended chokes available from £30.00 or supply your own
Can be fitted to multichoke guns (where extended chokes are avaliable)

Allows for easy installation or removal when needed

Alternative to permanent Hushpower solution

Still great noise reduction!

Hushpower 12g Choke Moderator


.410/9mm 9" Detachable Hushpower© Moderator £120.00
Unique Collett System Designed by our R&D Engineer to allow easy fittimg & removal of our popular 9" .410/9mm
Hushpower© Moderator, available now through your local gunshop!
Designed to fit most 14,15&16mm Barrel's. Instructions

410 Detachable Moderator from HushpowerDetatchable 9" fitting instructions
Investarm 20g O/U Hushpower© £850.00 inc VAT

The all new Hushpower© 20g Over and Under.
Built on a special specification Investarm with shorter ported barrels and a new Hushpower© silencer system fitted.
Fantastic noise reduction, and more user friendly than the single barrels due to the fact that the moderator is closer
to the natural line of sight where the rib would normally be.



20g O/U Hushpower

20g Fully Moderated Over & Under Hushpower© Investarm Shotgun
Weight: 7.25lbs, Barrel 33", Overall Length 50" Chokes ½ & ¾, Folding Action.
£850.00 inc VAT
inc VA Please ring to reserve your 20g O/U Hushpower© as initial supplies will be limited.

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We are the manufacturer of the Hushpower© Range of fully moderated shotguns.
To view how to maintain your Hushpower© click on this link. For fitting instruction click on this link.

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NEW Easy clean baffle system for 12g & 20g S/B Hushpower©
12g / 20g easy clean baffle
  • Designed specifically for the pest control and heavy users of Hushpower© 12 & 20g single barrel guns as an alternative to the standard fixed baffle system.
  • Benefits are the ability to easily remove and clean the baffle assembly using the supplied removal tool.
    £60.00 on top of regular new Hushpower© price.

Mossberg Hushpower©

Mossberg Hushpower
  • .410, 20g, 12g Mossberg 500 Pumps
  • Hushpower© barrel
  • 2 +1 Shot (Shotgun licence)
    or 5 + 1 shot Pump (Firearms Licence)
    £795.00 inc VAT

Mossberg Hushpower© Kit

Mossberg Hushpower
  • With Spare regular Barrel (Ported with Rib)
  • Mutichoke (.410 Fixed Choke)
  • 2 +1 Shot Pump - Kit Complete £995.00 inc VAT
  • Available in .410, 20g, 12g & FAC
  • inc VAT
Beretta 20g Hushpower

Full Custom Hushpower© conversion carried out on your
20g Over & Under Beretta.
Prices on Application

Beretta 20g Hushpower Beretta 20g Hushpower Beretta 20g Hushpower Beretta 20g Hushpower Beretta 20g Hushpower Beretta 20g Hushpower


Fully moderated Baikal shotguns - As quiet as an air rifle

410 Hushpower Synthetic demo
Investarm 410 S/B Hushpower
NEW Investarm Hushpower 410 Wood
65, 70 or 76 mm (2 ½", 2 ¾", 3") chamber; normal extractor; chromed frame with roll engraving; bottom lever opening;
transversal locking bolt engaging the bottom lug; coil spring operated firing mechanism; standard manual safety; beech wood stock
Barrel Length = 32"; Pull = 14"; Overall Length = 48 1/2" out of stock
Mossberg Hushpower
Baikal .410 Single barrel Hushpower© Wood out of stock inc VAT,
Last few (Import Ban) Baikal 12g Single barrel Wood Hushpower©s now available £399.00 inc VAT
Yildiz .410 Hushpower
Yildiz .410 Single barrel Hushpower© Wood *4½ llbs* out of stock inc VAT
12g Hushpower S/B Synthetic
Baikal 12g Single barrel Synthetic Hushpower© out of stock



Hushpower© Moderators

Hushpower Moderator
9" Hushpower© Fixed Moderator

For .410 single barrel shotguns £90.00 inc vat
For fitting instructions HERE and review HERE Purchase Info


.243 Hushpower© BobKat Full Bore Sound Moderator
1/2" UNF thread approx 19cm long 3.75cm Diameter
Baffle removal tool included (for easy cleaning)
weight 280gms (9.9oz) £164.00 inc vat Purchase Info


½ X 20 UNF .22 Hushpower© Silencer Adapter

Requires machining to adapt to most air gun barrels to receive standard ½ UNF silencers.
Will also fit most .22LR Firearms. High Quality Aircraft Grade Aluminium Alloy.
Black Anodised. 45mm x 25mm. Weight 37gms. £16.00 inc VAT

If your gun club is having noise restrictions slapped on it, or you require 12 gauge shotgun to shoot without objection in sensitive rural areas, this revolutionary design could be the answer to your prayers. Noise levels are significantly reduced using standard 12 gauge cartridges and virtually eliminated altogether with subsonic cartridges, which are now widely available throughout the U.K.

We have demonstrated to a number of gun clubs, including several professional shooting ground estates. Not one person was anything other than amazed by its performance, low noise and recoil, even with standard velocity cartridges.

We are convinced that we have a product range that will protect your shooting from objections through noise, and will allow clay shooting facilities to be used more - possibly for floodlit shooting - since you will no longer cause local disturbance. The simple reason is that noise reduction characteristics are so significant that, in normal topography, the sound is not audible above background noise even at 150 meters with the single shot Pedretti, and 300 meters with the Hushpower© conversion to pumps & *semi-autos contrast this with the normal 12 bore which can be heard in still air at 1.5 Kilometres.

*semi-autos converted to Hushpower© are subject to certain issues that must be discussed before conversion.

Our Hushpower© range of silenced products has been subjected to independent tests carried out by several Environmental Health Departments. All have been extremely impressed and to date not one planning application has been refused for noise reasons when using our guns.


    100m 300m 1Km 1.5Km
Standard 12-bore dB 90.0 80.0 73.9 52.1
Hushpower© Pump dB 65.0 49.0 Nil Nil
Hushpower© Single-barrel dB 45.0 Nil Nil Nil

Noise levels of Hushpower© were with subsonic cartridges. Ambient noise levels were set at 44dB.

The silenced guns shoot, handle and feel like any other shotgun once the shooter has had a moment to familiarise himself with them. They are ideal for beginners and club shooters since they have negligible recoil and excellent patterns. Many excellent scores have already been recorded at domestic disciplines.

Vermin control is an area, which this gun has no equal, putting a new perspective on serious vermin control, as well as pigeon and rabbit shooting. To achieve maximum noise reduction, we recommend that you use subsonic cartridges.


  • The Single barrel 12g Hushpowers©. Full choke 45 dB at 100 metrers and usually inaudible at above ambient background noise at 150 meters.
  • Calibres available in .410, 20g & 12g
  • Weight of guns : 410 = 6lbs, 20g  & 12g = 7lbs
  • The moderator assembly is a permanent conversion which can (and should) be removed for cleaning.
  • The sound at the firing point for the auto is similar to that of a .22 rimfire rifle, and the gun is usually inaudible above ambient noise levels at 300 meters.
  • 410s & 20g guns are quieter according to calibre reducing the guns original noise by up to 80% using subsonic cartridges.



Ordering could not be easier - Contact your local Gunshop who will be able to supply your Hushpower© normally within 2 working days if they have not got one in stock.

Hushpower© 410 & 12g subsonic cartridges available from your local Eley stockist.
Hushpower© 20g subsonic cartridges available from your local Gamebore stockist.

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